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Kachina Property Sale only – NOT Brand Announcement

Dear Wine Club Members, Friends and Family of Kachina,

We hope this message finds you all well!

We are writing to let you know about some important changes regarding our winery and property. Our property, (not our brand) has been sold to Noah and Kelly of Reeve wines. They are in the wine business and have decided to launch their private brand - Reeve. They are a very lovely and energetic couple who have the same values as we do. This shared value will ensure the property continues to be organic, solar efficient and maintain the pristine beauty it beholds. Effective date of our move and sale was Wednesday, September 21st. Please note that our new buyers have honored all cottage stays through October of this year.

Now for us. First and foremost we will continue to make wine, and club shipments will not be disrupted. It is a passion of ours to craft wines that you enjoy! We are in the process of finding another venue in the Healdsburg area and can’t wait to share it with you as our plans evolve. It is important to know that wines you purchased that have not shipped, such as:

  • Charbono futures from this past March Barrel Tasting event, (which will be bottled in Jan/Feb.) and will ship in March 2017.
  • Summer purchases that you have not received due to hot weather will be shipped in October.

Club shipments in October and beyond are NOT affected by our move. You will be receiving a separate newsletter with the wines you can choose for your October shipment. As we mentioned, we will continue to make wine, sell wine, and keep our dedicated club members and customers who love what we do satisfied. We have some great new wines to introduce for October and Jan/April club that include a 12 year old Tawny Port and a Super Tuscan! As well as new vintages of our Chardonnay, Charbono, and Cabernet! You will continue to receive our newsletters pertaining to release of these new wines along with our exciting new location, venue etc…

The decision to sell our property was largely due to our success. Our club has grown over the years and the number of people visiting us has continued to increase. This has caused us to run short on some of our releases, and required us to allocate to our club members to ensure they continue to receive the wines they desire from Kachina. And as you all know, there are only two of us. From the start, 17 years ago, we said we would keep it small and did not want to hire employees. With the sale of the property, we will be able to have a balanced lifestyle and continue to craft small lots of premium wines. Although we will not be taking tasting appointments, we will be sending out a calendar in the near future with special tastings planned over the next year in Sonoma, Texas, and other states.

We appreciate your continued support through this transition. Please don’t hesitate to either call or email us if you have any questions.

Greg - (707) 332-7917 greg@kachinavineyards.com
Nancy - (707) 332-0854 noni@kachinavineyards.com


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